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Choosing Digital Marketing as a Career – My Best Decision!

Whenever I meet my friends, my college mates and juniors, acquaintances – they often ask me Should I go for Digital Marketing? Is Digital Marketing a good career option or not? Do I have a secure future in  Digital Marketing?

Why to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

Well the answer to these questions is a BIG YES!

Here are some stats from Statista:

  1. According to Statista, Ad spending in the Digital Advertising market amounts to US$2,576M in 2020.
  2. The market’s largest segment is Search Advertising with a market volume of US$966M in 2020. So if you are looking to establish yourself as a paid marketing expert there is definitely a scope.
  3. The major contribution in Digital ad spending is by service sectors contributing 35.2% of digital ad spends followed by retail industry (23.9%), followed by fast-moving consumer goods i.e. FMCG (12.3%) in 2020.

I started my career as a Digital Marketer in 2012 (Back in college days, 1st year itself) as suggested by one of my friends. I was not sure whether I should go for it or not. I was also a bit confused because generally we heard of only three career lines i.e. a doctor or an engineer or a CA but I wanted to do something different. Due to a lack of confidence or awareness or knowledge whatever may be the reason I was not sure about Digital Marketing, even so, I took a chance.

I started my journey as a Blogger and learned how to do Search Engine Optimization. Still, the challenge for me was to set up a blog and that too at a low cost? 

In the initial 3 years, I acquired skill in Digital Marketing basics such as SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, etc and also managed to generate ample amounts of money to survive and save on my own, which gave me confidence that I could do something fruitful with my life.

The present scenario is like I am having a monthly income in 6 figures. (Within 5 years of graduating)

Yet there is a lot to achieve!

Now, back to the actual question,

Why should You Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Before that you should ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do you enjoy being on Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?
  2. When you are stuck with something, the first thing you do is a search on the internet?
  3. Do you have a creative or analytical mindset?

If the answer to the above three questions is YES, then you can definitely go for Digital Marketing.

No Fear of Losing Job

The edge of digital marketing over other career options is that it gives you a scope of earning money while working from home. You can start as a Blogger, a Youtuber, or an Instagrammer and earn money at your comfort. 

If you are tired of doing a job and want to do something else in your life, Digital Marketing gives you that opportunity because it helps you to learn “How To Grab EyeBalls?”.

Scope of Digital Marketing Industry

The Digital Advertising Industry evolves as the technology develops, it offers you plenty of space in tech, creativity and for entrepreneurs as well. It offers you multiple profiles which you can definitely opt such as:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is a method for improvising the rank of web pages on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc organically. By organic, I mean no paid advertisement.

All you need to do is to find ways to make your website ranking better and increase your visibility. People often ask you “How Can I Make My Website Appears On The First Page Without Much Investment?

Answer to this question is Search Engine Optimization and what they are looking for is an SEO Specialist or SEO Executive.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Well, sometimes a business needs immediate results. So people tend to invest in Google Adwords which helps them to drive traffic to their website by targeting keywords or search queries that are searched and which results in conversions.

As mentioned already, the market’s largest segment is Search Advertising with a market volume of ₹62,248M in 2020 as per Statista.

Basic skills required for engine marketer are:

  • Understanding how Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc work. 
  • Understanding of how web analytics works such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Clevertap.
  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • Keep updating yourself with trends of SEO and SEM.

3. Mobile App Marketing

Nowadays, App marketing is in great demand as you know 80% percent of the people use mobile to do most of their work whether they want to do any research, to buy, to read, to find places or people or to gain knowledge, a new skill, etc.

Mobile app marketing focuses on app promotion and more importantly engagement and retention of the users who have already downloaded your app.

4. Email Marketing

It is a type of outbound marketing that helps you engage with your leads and customers through emails. It gives you the flexibility to reach out to your target audience easily without investing much in ATL communication such as print, radio, TV advertisement, etc.

The fundamental skills that an email marketer needs to possess are:

  • Understanding of the metrics such as Open Rate, Click Rate, Bounce Rate, and Delivery Rate.
  • Niche Targeting – Targeting the right audience basically through emails.
  • A/B Testing – Conduct an experiment that works for your brand better such as text emails, image-based emails, type of content, etc.

5. Content Writing

If you have good writing skills, knowledge of different writing styles, you are good at research & have a buyer persona, then choosing content writing as your profession can be a good option. Every brand that wants to go online needs a content writer.

6. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Everyone is aware of the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as they influence the thought process of people. Social media turns out to be a great medium to promote a brand and the company’s offerings. So to gain popularity on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and even for TikTok, a social media marketer is required.

The fundamental skills required for social media marketing are:

  • Creativity
  • Good Copywriting Skills
  • Understanding of SEO and Content Writing
  • Relationship Building Mindset

Other than these profiles, there are multiple other profiles such as Web Analytics, Creative Designing and others which you can opt for, and are directly related to Digital Marketing.

Being passionate about your dreams but due to parent’s pressure or societal pressure you are unable to do that, learning digital marketing and pursuing digital marketing as a career will give you an opportunity to market your talent!

I would rather say one of the biggest perks of learning digital marketing “You can showcase your hidden talents through Digital Marketing 😉Remember your blog should be niche!

In a nutshell, “Every Business and Individuals Who Want To Establish Themselves Online Need a Digital Marketer”.

Still, confused? Share your doubts via comments!

Choose Digital Marketing as a career option and you will not regret your decision. To start with, try setting up a blog on a topic you read, follow and understand the most!

NOTE: Due to Lockdown, There will be a drop in digital spending in Q2 2020 due to lack of demand in the market but still digital continues to be the fastest-growing platform!

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    7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Specialized in Paid Marketing, Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Majorly. Worked for more than 20+ Clients Across India and More than 30+ International Clients. Also experienced in Graphic Designing, Web Development and Sales.

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