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Top 11 Apps For Small Businesses in India

Hey, future business tycoons, how is your start-up working amidst lockdown? Is it going smooth or there is a crunch? Are you facing some difficulties in running your business?

No, Right?  However, even if it is a yes, then, it hardly matters because of the rapid technological advancement, we have many apps for small business owners in India in order to run your business efficiently.

Now, we can manage accounts, communicate with clients and fellow team-mates, organize works simply by sitting inside the four walls of our homes indirectly preventing us from the pandemic. Also, check out the COVID-19 relief for small and medium enterprises

Here, we will provide you all with a list of the must-have apps for small and medium businesses in India belonging to different categories.

Best Apps for Small Businesses

Accounting Software Apps for Small Businesses

When we think of finance and accounting, what usually comes to our mind – invoices, payrolls, employee payments, taxes, etc.

All these appear really tedious and require expertise, but my friends, why fear when technology is here.

There are some top-notch accounting apps for small businesses in India that can smoothen the way of financial tasks, thus handling taxes and payroll and giving you an idea of the current financial status of your company. The added advantage is that everything could be managed in a single platform.


QuickBooks is one among those apps for small businesses in India which helps to connect to business accounts and uploads real-time data.

By being able to view profit and loss reports, it allows tracking of unpaid invoices and bill further helping in paying the employees.


FreshBooks is an accounting software app that enables easy invoicing, effortless expense organization, effective time tracking and many more.

It accepts credit cards on mobiles and generates profit and loss statements.


Wave, designed for small and medium enterprises, offers free personal financial software thus helping small business owners to manage their finance in one place.

It tracks everything and is completely automated, further being connected to payroll, payments and invoicing.

S.No. Apps Price Google Reviews
1 QuickBooks Starts at $7/month for freelancer plan 4.2 stars (34000 Review)
2 FreshBooks $15 per month – Lite Plan

$25 per month – Plus Plan

$50 per month – Premium Plan

4.4 stars (1000 Reviews)
3 Wave App Free 4.6 stars (15000 Reviews)

Communication Apps

Whether you have got a full team of work professionals or scattered freelancers, it is really essential to stay connected. There are many communication apps for small businesses in India which helps them to work efficiently.


Slack, being one of the most popular communication apps, provides the opportunity of easy communication between teams thus preventing confusion.

It has the facility to drop and share images, files and PDFs with automatic indexing and archiving any message or notification.


Being regarded as the king of video-conferencing, Skype is one of those must-have communication apps for small businesses in India.

With the facility of free calling, one can add up to 25 people at a time along with easy sharing of screens and sending images.

Zoho Mail

With easy access and secured privacy, Zoho Mail is developing as the new favorites for small business houses.

Zoho provides the unique service of creating domains for small businesses and helps in setting-up custom email addresses. It can be easily managed on mobile irrespective of where you are.

S.No. Apps Price Google Reviews
1 Slack Free

– With access to 10000 messages from teammates

– Integration with Microsoft 365, Google Drive and many more

-1:1 voice and video call 

4.3 stars

(76000 Reviews)

2 Skype Free

-Free video and voice calls if users use skype

4.3 stars

(11000000 Reviews)

3 Zoho Mail Free

-Up to 5 users

-5 GB/user

-25 MB attachment limit

– Web access only

-Email hosting for single domain

4.1 stars

(10000 Reviews)

Organization and Operation Apps

Meanwhile every small and medium business enterprises feel the urge to use organization and operation apps for small businesses in India in order to manage their workforce and work efficiently.


Asana is an operating software that offers easy collaboration. It enables the user to manage both work and personal projects in a single interface.

It helps in sharing notes, uploading files and is closely integrated to Google Drive, Dropbox and Slack.


Being popular among the required apps for small businesses in India, Trello is an easy-to-use and simple project management app that tracks and analyses the workflow.

Assignments and tasks can be created and members, comments, attachments, checklists can be added in order to make the work more informative and descriptive.

S.No. Apps Pricing Google Reviews
1 Asana Free up to 15 users

For more than 15 – $11.99/user/month (if paid monthly);

$9.99/user/month (if paid annually)


4.6 Stars

(30,000 Reviews)

2 Trello Basic – FREE

For upgraded version- $9.99/user/month (if paid annually);

$12.50/user/month (if paid monthly)

4.5 Stars

(91,000 Reviews)

Cloud Computing Apps

In order to run a small business effectively, a delegation of tasks is highly required. There is a need to share files, organize ideas and stay updated with the to-dos. There are many cloud computing apps for small businesses in India that make all this task easier.

Google Drive

Google Drive enables free storing and sharing of data up to 15GB in the cloud storage. It also has the facility of built-in Office Suite which helps in editing and spreadsheets and documents.

Microsoft OneDrive

The most popular and in-demand among all the apps for small businesses in India, Microsoft OneDrive allows cloud storage options and easy file sharing through synced folders.

With just a OneDrive app on smartphones and tablets, one can easily edit and view files.


Being one of the best apps that every small business in India must have, Dropbox is one of those many cloud-computing software that helps the business houses to store data in the cloud itself rather than preferring any external device.

The free version gives about 2GB of space and works even without an internet connection.

S.No. Apps Pricing Google Reviews
1 Google Drive Free (Can store up to 15GB of data) 4.3 stars (5M)
2 Microsoft OneDrive $5 per month per user


4.5 stars (1M)



3 Dropbox Basic Version – Free

Plus Version – $9.99/month

Professional Version – $16.58/month

4.2 stars (2M)

So, after getting a brief idea about these business-friendly, you all are completely ready to run your business effectively simply by sitting in your luxurious homes while relaxing. Now, a few questions just pop-up – Does running a small business from your fingertips appear easier? Are you ready to start a small business with these apps in hand? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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